What are badges?

Shop on Tophatter to collect badges, which are are displayed on your profile when you bid on live auctions. 

How do I collect more badges?

Visit your Tophatter Rewards page and tap the badge image to find out how to earn it. 

Do I earn rewards?

For certain badges, you might earn Tophatter credit! To see if there is a reward for a badge, just tap the badge image. If you've earned Tophatter credit, you can view it in your Wallet.


  • Badges based on number of wins only count Paid wins (completed payments).
  • Win total and badge eligibility will be adjusted accordingly for refunded orders.
  • Tophatter Rewards eligibility (including badges and Tophatter credit) can be revoked at any time if fraud or abuse is discovered.
Tophatter Rewards program benefits may change over time. Once you've won Tophatter credit though, don't worry-- it will remain valid through the expiration date.