What does Shipping & Handling cost?

Each item has an associated Shipping & Handling price which is displayed on the Bid button in live auctions, and under the price on items you can Buy Now.

  • The Shipping & Handling price shown on each item is location-specific, and reflects the Shipping & Handling price to the country in your Account Info.
  • The Shipping & Handling price shown on your invoice is determined by your mailing address. To ensure the price shown is accurate, be sure the country in your Account Info is correct, and reflects the same country provided in your mailing address.

Expedited Shipping

  • Expedited Shipping is an optional add-on that is available for some items for shoppers in the United States. These selected items can be delivered more quickly by paying an additional Expedited Shipping cost.
  • The Expedited Shipping time frame begins after order processing, when the order is in a Ready to Ship or Preparing to Ship status. Processing time varies from 1-5 days, with most orders shipping 2-3 days after payment.
  • Expedited Shipping cost cannot be refunded if you change your mind after payment. A refund can be processed for the entire order if it meets the criteria. See Can I request refund of a paid order? for details.
  • If Expedited Shipping has been purchased and the merchant has shipped with Priority mail, they have fulfilled the Expedited Shipping agreement. Your item will be delivered in accordance with postal service guidelines for Priority mail. Please contact the post office directly if you have questions about your Priority shipment.
  • If Expedited Shipping has been purchased and the merchant has not shipped with Priority mail, please review the invoice on your My Orders page to determine the date the item shipped. If the item has not arrived within the number of business days indicated from the date of shipment, please contact support, and refund of the Expedited Shipping cost will be processed.

Combined Shipping

  • If you purchase more than one order from the same merchant using the same account and mailing address, the seller may be able to combine multiple orders into one package.
  • If the merchant combines multiple orders into one package, you may receive a partial refund from the seller if they determine some overage was paid. Shipping & Handling prices are determined by the merchant of each item.