Are bids real, and how does bidding work?

Yes, bids are real! All the items on the platform are really for sale, and you're bidding against other people.

On Tophatter, bids are free.

You only pay for items when you make a purchase through Buy Now, or when you're the winning bidder on an item in a live auction.

Bidding starts with a predetermined opening bid amount. Real, live shoppers place subsequent bids either in real-time, or they may place Auto Bids, increasing the price and bid increment. When a new high bid is recognized, the viewing time for the item is extended by a few seconds.

The final winning bid is the price at which the item will be sold. Items may have an additional shipping price, which is indicated on each listing. The button next to any item shows the bidding status.

  • UP SOON IN __:__ means bidding will start soon for this item and you can set an Auto Bid.
  • ⚡ means you can set a maximum Auto Bid. Once an auto bid is placed, the auctions for this item will be auto bidded for 3 hours until you win or the max bid amount is exceeded.
  • BID $_ means you can place a live bid for the item at the price indicated.
  • OUTBID appears if someone has outbid you. You can try bidding again at the next increment, or you can set a maximum Auto Bid.
  • WINNING appears when you've successfully placed a bid and you're the highest bidder. Keep an eye on the item to make sure no one outbids you. If they do, you can bid again at the next increment, or set a maximum Auto Bid.
  • The progress bar under the button is a countdown showing how much longer the item will be accepting bids, along with "Going Once", "Going Twice" notices to place another bid.
  • SOLD means the item has been won by the highest bidder, and it is no longer accepting bids.
  • RESERVE NOT MET means the item had a reserve price that was not met, and the item did not sell. The next item will appear shortly.
  • CLOSED means the bidding time ended without a valid bid being placed, and the item did not sell. The next item will appear shortly.
  • BUY NOW means you can buy the item right away without placing a bid for the amount + shipping shown.

Scroll up and down through the slots to view more available items. 

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