How do Ratings work?

Ratings are a way for shoppers to share their authentic feedback about items they have purchased, whether positive or negative. Ratings can include a review and or pictures of the item.

  • As soon as an item has received 5 ratings, all shoppers will see the item's average star rating along with the number of ratings.
  • Tap the item for more details, and you'll see Ratings & Reviews. On the web, all ratings and reviews are shown. On the app, tapping the number of reviews will open the All Reviews page. There you can sort the reviews by several different options, including newest, oldest, highest, and lowest ratings. 
Rating items fairly and honestly is important for everyone on the marketplace because:
  1. Items with consistently low ratings will no longer be scheduled.
  2. Ratings and reviews help other shoppers make an informed decision before deciding to purchase the item themselves.
  3. Rating your items makes it easy to keep track of orders you have received on the My Orders page, by filtering to Awaiting Feedback and rating items once you receive them.

Why do I have an alert to rate an item when I haven't received it yet?

Sometimes items take longer to arrive than expected. Rating reminders are sent after the Estimated Delivery, because not all supported shipping carriers provide a scan at delivery. These reminders give you a chance to rate every item you buy on Tophatter, no matter what. These also serve as a reminder that you can report a late order if you didn't receive it.

Can I update my rating later if something changes?

No. We don't offer the option to change or edit a rating that you have left for an item. Because of this, we recommend waiting until you have received, inspected, and tested the item thoroughly before deciding on a rating you think fairly represents the item.

Does Tophatter remove ratings?

Tophatter cannot remove any ratings from counting toward a product; however, we can hide a review comment from public view if it contains personal identifying information, profanity, hate speech or is otherwise against our guidelines.
On the app, you can flag a rating comment for our review by clicking "Report" next to the comment.

Does rating an item actually do anything?

Yes! Rating your items is completely optional, although it is a fundamental part of the quality assurance process on the marketplace. Consistently rating each purchase is the most impactful way that shoppers can help ensure that only the best items are being sold on the marketplace.

Do all ratings count?

All positive and negative ratings count and are shown on the listing once the product has received 5 ratings. We use a 1-5 star-based system with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. Ratings should honestly reflect the number of stars you believe fairly and accurately represent the product.