How do item ratings work?

Viewing all reviews for an item is beta feature, and some shoppers have early access. If you have access, you can tap the item for more details, where you'll see Ratings & Reviews. Tap the number of reviews to view the All Reviews page. There you can sort the reviews by several different options, including newest, oldest, highest, and lowest ratings.

All shoppers can see the average rating of every item that has received at least 5 ratings. Rating your items is very important because:
  1.  Being able to review ratings helps other shoppers make an informed decision before deciding to purchase the item themselves.
  2. Items with consistently low ratings will no longer be scheduled on the platform.

Why do I have a notice to rate an item when I haven't received it yet? 

Sometimes items take longer to arrive than expected. We send rating reminders after the Estimated Delivery date, because not all carriers offer scans at delivery. The reminders are so you have a chance to rate every item you buy on Tophatter, no matter what.

Can I update my rating later if something changes?

No, we don't offer the option to change or edit a rating that you have left for an item. Because of this, we recommend waiting until you have received, inspected, and tried out the item before deciding on the rating you think fairly represents the item.
Additionally, Tophatter cannot remove a rating from counting toward a product; however we will remove a review comment from public view if it contains personal identifying information or profanity. 

Does rating an item actually do anything?

Yes! Rating items is optional, though it is a fundamental part of the quality assurance process on our marketplace. Not only can other shoppers review your ratings to make an informed decision about their purchase, but items rated poorly will no longer be scheduled. Additionally, rating your items can help you keep track of what you've received on your My Orders page.

Consistently rating every purchase is the most impactful way that shoppers can help by ensuring only the best items are the ones being sold on the marketplace.