How do item ratings work?

Rating items is very important because this helps other shoppers review and make an informed decision before deciding to purchase. Items with consistently low ratings will be flagged and may no longer be scheduled on the platform. Ratings can be viewed by clicking an item
Why did I receive an email to rate an item, but I haven't received my item yet? 
Occasionally, items take longer to arrive than expected. We send out rating reminders after a period of time even if the item hasn't been scanned "delivered" yet, just in case there was scanning error. This is because we want to make sure you have a chance to rate every item you buy on Tophatter, no matter what.
Can I rate an item and then update my rating later if something changes?
We don't offer the option to change or edit a rating that you have left for an item. Because of this, we recommend waiting until you have received, inspected, and tried the item before deciding on an appropriate rating.
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