What if I haven't received my order?

Your order is covered by Buyer Protection for 180 days after payment if you don't receive it and tracking does not confirm delivery to your address. Most orders will arrive within 60 days.

Each item has an estimated delivery date. These dates are estimates, not guaranteed delivery dates, and may vary based on the location of the merchant's items and your shipping address.

To view an order's progress:

  1. Visit My Orders
  2. Click the item
  3. Click Where's My Item?
  4. There you can see the package status, view tracking, learn when late delivery can be reported, and Report Late Delivery if the estimated delivery date has passed.

If your order is "In Transit" and late to arrive

If you haven't received an order, the estimated delivery date has passed, and the order has not been confirmed delivered through tracking to the shipping address you provided at the time of payment:
  • Please report the late order by visiting My Orders, clicking the item, then clicking Where's My Item?
  • There you can either Report Late Delivery, or you will see the date that option will be available.
  • After a Late Delivery incident has been reported, you'll receive a confirmation email with the date a refund will be automatically processed if confirmation of delivery is not obtained.
  • After receiving a refund due to a Late Delivery incident, you have the option to refund any cash payment refunded as Tophatter Credit back to the payment method, by clicking the button in the mailer:

If your order status is "Delivered" and you did not receive it

Packages passing through multiple shipping carriers may be scanned as "Delivered" when the package is while the package is actually still in transit. You can confirm if this has happened by clicking Track Package to view the scan history and full tracking details. It this has occurred, please allow more time for delivery.
If the tracking number confirms delivery to the shipping address you provided at the time of payment and you didn't receive the package, usually, the package will arrive within a few days. Shipping carriers sometimes deliver items within 2-3 days of scanning "Out for Delivery" or "Delivered." If you've waited 3 days or more and your package hasn't arrived, here are some additional tips:
  • Verify your shipping address was correct for the order by visiting My Orders, then clicking the item.
  • Check around the outside of your house for a notice of attempted delivery. If there is one, call the number on the card to reschedule delivery or pick up.
  • Look around the entrances of your residence on back porches, in bushes, garages, under grills, or in other places out of sight. Delivery carriers may also use plastic bags to protect your package from the weather. Also note, some items such as jewelry can be very small and may be shipped in envelopes, tucked among other mail.
  • Ask family members, roommates, or neighbors who may have received the package for you. If you live in an apartment complex, contact the office to see if they are holding your package. Some packages won’t fit in your mailbox so carriers will leave them at a manager’s office for safekeeping.
  • Speak with the carrier who delivers your mail. They must scan the package to mark it "Delivered" and will usually be the last person to handle your order.
If your order still hasn't arrived after 3 days and you've ruled out all of the above, we suggest reporting the issue to the carrier directly. The scanners used by delivery carriers use GPS, and the post office or carrier's main office will be able to provide a detailed report of where the package was delivered. If several packages have been lost or stolen, we recommend reporting theft to a higher authority such as the postal inspector, or your local police department.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer Buyer Protection for orders where tracking confirms an order has been delivered to the shipping address city and/or ZIP/postal code provided at the time of payment.
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