How does Tophatter Credit work?

Information below this line only applies to Marketplace product orders. Marketplace products are no longer being sold, effective June 1, 2022.

Tophatter Credit Policy

Tophatter Credit may be awarded or issued in some circumstances, such as but not limited to: promotions, offers, rewards, and when you receive a refund for an order. 

There are two types: Expiring, and non-expiring credit. Credit received from a refund that was paid with cash will not expire. Credit received from promotions, offers, games, trading-in points, or from refunds paid with credit, will have an expiration date.

Tophatter Credit for Refunds

When you request a refund or return or report late delivery, you have the option to select how you would like to receive your refund.

If you receive a refund you did not initiate, you have the option to refund any portion that was not paid with Tophatter Credit back to the original payment method as long as the Refund Credit has not been used yet, by clicking on the button in your Order refund notification email, like this:

Refunds processed as Tophatter Credit can also be refunded to the cash payment method by request to Customer Support, with the following exceptions:

  • If the refunded order was originally paid with Tophatter Credit, or
  • if any portion of the Refund Credit has already been applied as payment toward another order or orders, or
  • if a refund was attempted and the payment processor declined the refund. A refund declined by the processor prevents the cardholder’s payment method from being refunded. Common reasons for declines are: Card account is closed, Card account is frozen due to fraud, Card account does not support refunds, e.g. some prepaid cards.


Expiring Tophatter Credits have varying expiration dates ranging from one hour to two weeks depending on the source. You can review a Credit's expiration date in your Wallet.

If you receive a refund as Tophatter Credit for an order that was initially paid with cash from your credit or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, that Refund Credit amount will not expire.

Using Your Credit

Valid Tophatter Credit will be automatically applied toward a Marketplace Product purchase. Multiple valid credits will be automatically combined.

  • If you have a credit card on file: Your Tophatter Credit balance will apply toward the full purchase price including any shipping and tax paid through the platform.
  • If you don't have a credit card on file: Your Tophatter Credit balance will apply toward the purchase price including any shipping paid through the platform; however, Tophatter Credit will not reduce the order to "free". You must pay a minimum of $1 plus tax where applicable with another payment method. Paying for any order with a credit card will add a card on file, which can be removed at any time.

You can review your valid Tophatter Credit along with each credit's expiration date by visiting your Wallet. From there, review which orders your credit applied to by clicking History.

  • Tophatter Credit has no cash value outside of the Tophatter platform, and expired Tophatter Credit cannot be reissued. 
  • When Tophatter Credit is used to pay for an order, it cannot be refunded as cash to another payment method, because the original payment source was Tophatter Credit.