How does Tophatter Credit work?

Tophatter Credit Policy

Tophatter Credit may be awarded in some circumstances, such as, but not limited to: promotions, Tophatter Rewards, and when you receive a refund for an order.


Credits have varying expiration dates; however, if you receive a refund as Tophatter Credit for an order which was originally paid with cash via credit or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, that Refund Credit amount will not expire. 

Using your balance:

Valid Tophatter Credit will be automatically applied toward a purchase. Multiple valid credits will be automatically combined.

  • If you have a credit card on file: Your Tophatter Credit balance will apply toward the full purchase price including any shipping and tax paid through the platform.
  • If you don't have a credit card on file: Your Tophatter Credit balance will apply toward the purchase price including any shipping paid through the platform; however, Tophatter Credit will not reduce the order to "free". You must pay a minimum of $1 plus tax where applicable with another payment method. Paying for any order with a credit card will add a card on file.

You can review your total unexpired Tophatter Credit balance and expiration dates by visiting your Wallet.

Tophatter Credit has no cash value outside of the Tophatter platform. When Tophatter Credit is used to pay for an order, that cannot be refunded as cash to another payment method, because the original payment source was Tophatter Credit.

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