What is Rakuten Rewards?

Rakuten Rewards is our rewards program in partnership with Rakuten (formerly Ebates.) It’s available to U.S. residents and is free to sign up. When you shop on Tophatter, you can earn back a percentage of what you spend. Rakuten keeps track of the transactions you make on Tophatter (and lots of other places you shop) and sends you the cash every three months by check or PayPal.

How do I earn Rakuten Rewards when I shop?

To join the program, you just need to tick the box when you check out during a Tophatter purchase. Then, you’ll receive an email from Rakuten that activates your free account. Log into your Rakuten account here. Then shop on Tophatter like you always do and you'll receive Rakuten Rewards in your Rakuten account.

What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is a trusted pioneer in cash back rewards programs. They have over 12 million members who have earned over $1.3 billion since 1999. Tophatter is proud to partner with them help our shoppers get even more value on top of our great deals.

How do I get my $10 bonus for Rakuten Rewards?

The $10 bonus will be automatically applied to your Rakuten account once you spend $25 at Tophatter, or other merchants in the Rakuten network, within 90 days of signing up. You just need to tell Rakuten where to send the check!

What if I already have an Rakuten account?

It’s great that you’re already enjoying the perks of earning while you shop. When you sign up with Rakuten Rewards, just be sure use the same email you supplied to Rakuten. Unfortunately if you already have an Rakuten account you will not be eligible for the $10 bonus, but you can still earn cash back on your purchases.

How can I earn more?

The best way to maximize how much you earn is by installing the Rakuten button. The button will automatically show eligible ecommerce sites across the web.

Why am I receiving Tophatter emails and Rakuten emails?

Rakuten Rewards is powered by Rakuten. When you join, we automatically create an Rakuten account with the same email you used to join Tophatter. Rakuten keeps track of your purchases and of the cash you earn, so they need to send you informative emails. If you wish to opt out of those, you can do that from your Rakuten account

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