I completed an offer. When will I receive the Tophatter reward?

Some 3rd party offers on Tophatter provide Tophatter Credit or Points when you complete an activity or sign up for a service through the offer.

To complete an offer:

  1. Click on the offer which will redirect you to visit the partner merchant's website.
  2. Fill out the form, providing valid contact information, to complete the activity.
  3. If Tophatter Credit was offered, you'll see that reflected in your Tophatter Wallet within 3 business days of successfully completing the activity. 
  4. If Points were offered, within 3 business days of successfully completing the activity, the points will be reflected in your Available Points. You'll see your points balance depicted with a purple star at the top of your app navigation bar. 

There are a few circumstances that will cause you to not receive a reward for completing an offer.

If you didn't receive a reward after completing a 3rd party offer, please make sure:

  • Invalid contact details were provided, such as an unreachable phone number.
  • You haven't already completed the same activity through another rewards program.
  • You aren't already an existing customer of the merchant for the activity you are trying to complete.
  • The offer or activity hasn't been completed previously by someone else who is in the same household.
  • You aren't using an Ad Blocker on your computer or browser.
  • You didn't click away from the link before completing the activity.

Please note, 3rd party offers are not provided by Tophatter, and recurring charges will not occur from purchasing orders from the Tophatter marketplace.

  • If you click through an offer and enter your payment details on a 3rd party partner merchant's website and later wish to cancel, please contact the 3rd party partner merchant directly. Contact details will be shown on your electronic payment statement.