What are Name Your Price Offers?

Name Your Price Offers is beta feature, and some shoppers have access. If you have access, you'll see these throughout the live auctions.

Name Your Price offers are an alternative shopping experience, by naming the price you want to pay. Here's how it works:

  1. click "Name Your Price", then enter the amount of money you're willing to pay to buy the item.
  2. After submitting the offer, the seller will review it.
  3. You'll be notified in a little bit if the seller declines, or counters your offer.
  4. If the offer is accepted, the invoice will appear Unpaid on your My Orders page.
  5. If the seller counters the offer, the invoice will appear Unpaid on your My Orders page. 
  6. If you don't wish to accept, the order will remain unpaid and will be canceled after 3 days.

How can I review past offers?

You can view all the past offers you've submitted on your Name Your Price Offers page. Name Your Price allows for one offer from the buyer, and one counter offer from the seller. If the counter offer is rejected, the deal will be closed.

What if I accidentally enter too many zeros and bid too high?

If the offer was accidentally too high and the seller accepts, you don't have to complete payment. Just like an auction win, an unpaid invoice will be canceled automatically after 3 days.