Why is my tracking invalid on USPS?

We know that hunting fun, fresh deals is most important to Tophatter shoppers. So they still can offer the best prices amid rising postage costs, sellers on our Marketplace are permitted to use alternate shipping carriers with services that offer limited tracking updates. We offer Buyer Protection in case a package doesn't arrive.

A valid tracking number may appear invalid at USPS.com when a seller has shipped with a carrier that either provides partial tracking, or provides a secondary last-mile tracking number when the package is handed over to the postal service upon entry into the US.

As a Marketplace, we understand searching for tracking statuses on alternate sites isn't something shoppers have time to do, and we don't expect that. You can follow your tracking status on the Where's My Item? page of every invoice. The information shown may vary from carrier to carrier, and some services show limited updates after a package's acceptance.

When an alternate shipping service have been used, it is easy to report late delivery if an item exceeds its Estimated Delivery date, or gets a premature "Delivered" status update, and our automatic processes will take care of the rest!