What if I can't find an order in my account?

If you believe you made an order and don't see it in your account, there are several possibilities that commonly occur:

The My Orders page may be filtered to "in the past 4 months." To solve this, change the selection in the menu to "from any time" to view all older orders.

You may have more than one account. It's easy to create an account on Tophatter, and you might've created an extra by accident. To solve this, please Contact Support and provide either the order number from your confirmation email or payment statement or any other email addresses you might have used so our team can merge your accounts for you.

You may have been winning an item with a Reserve price, and the Reserve was not met. To solve this, each time you bid on an item but don't end up winning the auction, a Reminder is set. You'll be notified the next time that item opens for bids so you can bid on it again.

You may have made a Name Your Price Offer that wasn't accepted. To solve this, check under Name Your Price Offers to find the status of your offers.

You may have tried using Buy Now but the payment failed. To solve this, you can use the Search tool to find the item and try your payment again.

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