What are Cards?

Cards are a beta feature, and some shoppers have access. If you have access, you'll see the Card Store linked under your Points in your account, like this:

  1. You can also access the Card Store by clicking the menu, then tapping Redeem Points. Cards can be obtained by trading Points.
  2. Tap on Quests to view activities that can be completed to earn more Points.

The example below is an example and may not reflect the same Cards or point values available in your account:

  • Credit Cards can be redeemed for Tophatter Credit that will apply toward Tophatter purchases. Points can be traded for these a limited number of times per day. Tophatter Credit has no cash value and must be used before it expires. 
  • Some shoppers may have access to different types of Cards. Available Cards and trade-in values for each will continue to vary from account to account as the feature is still in the experimental stages.