What are Cards?

Cards are a beta feature, and some shoppers have early access. If you have access, you'll see the Card Store linked under your Points in your account, like this:

You can also access the Card Store by clicking the menu, then tapping Redeem Points. Different cards may provide bidding boosts, unique bidding flair, or Tophatter Credit. To check it out:

  1. Open the Card Store to see all the Cards available to you. The example here shows some current and past Cards, and may not reflect the Cards or point values in your account: 
  2. Tap on a Card in the Card Store to find out how to use it and what it does, like this. Note, some Cards need to be activated in the live auctions before use.
  3. Tap on Your Cards to see the Cards you have traded your points for. Note, after a Card has been used, it will no longer appear under Your Cards.
  4. Tap on Quests to view activities that can be completed to earn extra points. 
  5. Some shoppers also have access to purchase Cards within the auction so you can boost your bid quickly. Just click Bid Boost next to the Bid button to trade your points for a Card that can be used right away!

Want more details on individual cards?

Check out the video How to snipe bids on Tophatter using the Snipe Card.