What if my refund fails?

In some instances, a cardholder's card-issuing bank may decline refunds. A refund decline prevents the cardholder’s payment method from being refunded.

Common reasons for refund declines are: The card account has been closed, the card account is frozen due to fraud, or the card account does not support refunds, e.g. some prepaid cards.

Our customer support team recommends that you first contact your card-issuing bank directly to explain that the refund has been declined by the bank. 

  • In the case of a soft decline, it may be possible for your bank to authorize the refund. Tophatter can retry processing the refund with our payment processor.
  • If the refund cannot be authorized by the card-issuing bank, we will provide Tophatter Credit for the same amount of the invoice.

Please follow up with our customer support team for more assistance if your refund has been declined and you have not received a refund as Tophatter Credit.