How does Auto Bid work?

Auto bids are a way to " set it and forget it" when you find an item you like. Now you can go and check out other items or even leave the app and still be a winner!

To set an Auto Bid:

  1. Tap "⚡"
  2. Select "Set Auto Max Bid" 
  3. Change the amount to the highest you are willing to pay for that item.

To cancel an Auto Bid: 

  1. Tap "⚡" on the same item
  2. Tap "Delete"
  3. Tap "Sure?" to confirm you want to cancel it


  • You only need to set an auto bid once each time you visit for each item that you want to buy, because after your auto bid is placed, auctions for this product will be auto bidded for 3 hours until either you win, or your max bid amount is exceeded. Most products are available from sellers in a quantity, and will run multiple times over 3 hours.
  • Auto bids can be set for items "Up Soon" and items that you find by searching the Catalogs. Note that auto bids can only be canceled from items in live auctions.