What is a Tophatter Partner Auction?

We've heard our shoppers' requests for a wider variety of high quality items that deliver fast.

Buying directly from stores on Shopify through  Tophatter Partner Auctions lets us bring this to you!

Our partner stores are selected and vetted by our team to ensure your deals are highest quality products, many of which are manufactured in the USA by small and medium-sized independent business owners. All products ship from the US and are delivered to you within a maximum of 14 days.

All your Partner and Marketplace Product purchases will appear together in My Orders, and all Products can be rated and reviewed on Tophatter.

Partner Products are unique from Marketplace Products on Tophatter because your payment is made on the third-party partner's website and is subject to the partner shop's policies and terms.

Communication about Partner Product purchases takes place through the partner shop's website directly.